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Optimise your global airfreight choices. Because of cost, air cargo must only be used for the right reasons. But in many cases, the options are just not easily comparable or actionable. SLT is developing ways to optimise the use of air cargo to reduce cost and carbon. Give us your air cargo and we’re likely to reduce it. When it comes to transportation, finding the optimal mix of air, sea-air and ocean is a major factor in reducing overall logistics cost and carbon emissions. However, understanding the trade-offs and managing the risks posed by varying transit times can be challenging.


International coverage 
We work with a wide range of different airline carriers and getting the best available deals. Due to this operational scale we can plan according to your production schedules in order to improve inventory flow whilst still securing favourable rates.

Based on an informed discussion about your business, ensuring that buying, merchandising and logistics talk the same language, we are empowered to advise the right supply chain decision for your needs. Once those decisions are made, up-to-date information and active exception handling reduce the risk of changes in the transport time, while SLT’s “one contact” approach reduces the complexity of managing a mix of air, sea-air and ocean for you.


Our airfreight services fall into these categories that fit your transit time needs:


  • Moved on the 1st available flight using partner airlines’ dedicated services
  • For most major destinations, the airport-to-airport transit time is two days.


  • Our cost-effective economy service uses one or more consolidations per week depending on the origin
  • For most major destinations, the airport-to-airport transit time is five days.




  • Short Sea-Air solution, with reduced transit time. For most major destinations, the seaport-to-airport transit time is 7-10 days
  • Long Sea-Air solution, Transit time seaport-to-airport is 18-25 days, depending on the origin.


  • When time matters, Air Charter is the answer. Unlike commercial airlines, we fly directly from A to B, with no transit stops en route. Specialising in both cargo and passenger air charter, our network of international charter brokers gives you the flexibility you need.




Our cutting-edge information management systems give you a vital advantage: the visibility of your entire supply chain that’s essential for the optimisation of your business.

Faster implementation and full control during operations
All SLT solutions are supported by our full suite of information management systems. These systems effectively manage daily operations, automate processes and events, maximise visibility and distribution of information, and minimise errors and delays.


Our systems include:

  • Supply chain visibility
  • Advanced back-end systems
  • Vendor connectivity solutions
  • E-booking and documentation
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) and bar coding capabilities
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) competences


Supply chain visibility 
Our own cutting-edge visibility solution is based on extensive market research, customer insights and logistics management experience. It is a single, web-based access point to end-to-end supply chain information and the modular format makes it easy to tailor to your specific requirements. This solution enables order management, inventory management, event management, reporting/business intelligence and integration of data from multiple partners in the supply chain.


Advanced back-end systems 
Our documentation system is the backbone of our operations. Our platform was first launched in 1992 and has been continuously developed and expanded ever since. It supports the entire end-to-end processes, exception management, purchase order upload and EDI, integrating with other back-end systems and supply chains for real-time visibility and strong process support.


Vendor connectivity solutions/e-booking and documentation
Our web-based e-tool provides booking, documentation and tracking support for your vendors and allows them to make bookings online, enquire about details on bookings, view purchase orders, track the status of bookings and shipments, prepare draft FCRs (forwarder’s cargo receipt), submit container load results to SLT, and create commercial invoices and packing lists in customised formats. All of this improves the overall data quality and enhances the speed of the process for you and your vendors.


Electronic data interchange (EDI) and bar coding capabilities 
We support standard and customised EDI solutions to transfer information electronically at numerous points during the shipment process. We are able to support barcode scanning, printing and labelling.


RFID competences 
We have established a RFID competence centre that works with major retailers and governing bodies to analyse, design and test various RFID technologies in the logistics and shipping industry. Key members of our organisation sit on a number of standard committees and actively participate in industry discussions for the development and adoption of RFID standards.






By developing and implementing new solutions, our highly experienced logistics team design solutions can help you identify key areas of improvement, thus creating a more efficient and cost effective logistics network


Logistics efficiency strengthens competitiveness

Our Supply Chain Design & Optimization team is made up of expert teams located in our regional offices around the world. Backed by extensive experience in supply chain and project management, we use proven methods and analytical tools to implement solutions that help you maximise the value of your supply chain.
Our services include:

  • Carrier Allocation Optimisation
  • Equipment Optimisation
  • Financial Benchmarking
  • Freight Optimisation
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Load Optimisation
  • Landed Cost Calculator
  • Near Sourcing Decision Support
  • Network Optimisation
  • Operations Benchmarking
  • SupplyChain CashCheck
  • SupplyChain HealthCheck
  • Sustainable Logistics