About Us

Your peace of mind! Our Service!

A key element in our philosophy is to truly understand your business and logistics needs. This way, we can provide you with service solutions that will help grow your business

Pioneering purposeful client engagement through the culture of SLT

We are Passionate
We are Transparent
We are Creative
We are Grateful
We believe in Teamwork
We always have Fun
We are a Family
We are Friendly
We are Innovative
We are Dynamic
We are Humourous
We are huggers


  • Meet our clients expectations by delivering a high quality service
  • Fulfill our commitments and accept responsibility for our short comings
  • Develop new markets
  • Manage a complex industry and stay abreast with changing technology
  • Be innovative in our approach and in our resolutions
  • Maintain open, honest and clear communications
  • Be accessible to our clients at all times
  • Help our clients achieve profitability
  • Ensure SLT is profitable and maintain its reputation and standing in the industry.
  • Achieve excellence

To actively pursue the growth of the company by establishing a reputable presence in the country and become a dedicated world class logistics company within the sub region.

Our mission is to offer new opportunities to our clients, by bringing the world to their doorsteps. We intend to offer practical and innovative solutions to the complexities that are experienced in the industry in general, and be creative in our approach by offering 22nd century solutions.